Southwold pier

March 1, 2008

Southwold pier

Originally uploaded by Mr_Chips

Went to Suffolk and caught some wonderful weather. It was so good that we are up at dawn to catch the best light. This shot of Southwold pier is at sunset and I used a tripod and long time exposure to smooth out the water. I have a neutral density filter now to increase the time.
I wanted to get pictures of the colourful beach huts but the light was never right and it was too far away for dawn photos. Better luck next time.

Thames at Hambledon Lock

November 16, 2007

Thames at Hambledon Lock, originally uploaded by Mr_Chips.

After an early morning photography I went to the Henley Rowing museum to see the ‘In the Footsteps of Henry Taunt’ photographic exhibition. A comparision of Victorian pictures of the Thames with early digital photography. I like the way the pictures were exhibited next to each other – the Victorian view with the contemporary one. You could see what had changed – very little actually.
I preferred the Victorian pictures. They seem to have more character than the current ones but I may be influenced. Old always seems better.
It was Henry Taunt who made the river a tourist attraction through his pictures.