misty trees

February 2, 2008

misty trees

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I went out on a day off to take some pictures of trees. It looked as though it was going to be a good day with some mist to start with but the mist never actually cleared. Still I got some good shots of the trees in the fog and I quite like the effect.

oak in a year 2007

January 1, 2008

oak in a year 2007

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This is a mosaic of some of the images from my photographic record of a tree through the year.
The subject is an oak tree high up in the chiltern hills. From that sunny day on 1st Jan 2007 when it seemed a good idea all the way through the snow and frost to the overgrown shubbery of July and   August. Then the summer and its leaves seemed to last forever.


December 13, 2007


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Well actually I don’t think I caught any geminid meteors. This is a composite of 72 x 30 second exposures. Pointing towards Orion on a cold frosty and clear night. I can’t believe the colours and I haven’t altered them in Photoshop – honest!
I think all the non star trails are aircaft but I shall try again tomorrow when the Geminids are at their peak. Let’s hope for a clear night!

Thames at Hambledon Lock

November 16, 2007

Thames at Hambledon Lock, originally uploaded by Mr_Chips.

After an early morning photography I went to the Henley Rowing museum to see the ‘In the Footsteps of Henry Taunt’ photographic exhibition. A comparision of Victorian pictures of the Thames with early digital photography. I like the way the pictures were exhibited next to each other – the Victorian view with the contemporary one. You could see what had changed – very little actually.
I preferred the Victorian pictures. They seem to have more character than the current ones but I may be influenced. Old always seems better.
It was Henry Taunt who made the river a tourist attraction through his pictures.

Oak 29 Sept 2007

September 29, 2007

Oak 29 Sept 2007, originally uploaded by Mr_Chips.

I am very pleased to announce that this tree has now been registered as part of the Special Chilterns Trees and Woodlands project. You can see information about the project here


August 15, 2007

Hare, originally uploaded by Mr_Chips.

There are wild hares that come in to my mother’s garden in Devon. They are almost tame as they don’t mind people being around. They are far more fun than rabbits and do less damage. Here is one of them having breakfast at the edge of the lawn.


July 10, 2007

Chilterns, originally uploaded by Mr_Chips.

For the Utata guidebook project.
About twenty miles from London, a bank of rolling hills marks the Chilterns. Here amid the beech woods and fields there are delights to be found. This is the windmill that stands over the village of Turville, famous as a film set for ‘The vicar of Dibley”. The windmill itself was used in “Chitty Chitty bang bang”.
There are no flying cars here now though just Red kites and buzzards wheel around the skies screaming for joy. It is a walkers paradise as the countryside is so varied and there are many pubs to seek refreshment.
Nearby are the towns of Marlow and Henley on the River Thames – busy at present with the racing rowers. There are the National Trust properties of West Wycombe and Hughendon to visit and on a rainy day you can head for Windsor for some shopping.