December 13, 2007


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Well actually I don’t think I caught any geminid meteors. This is a composite of 72 x 30 second exposures. Pointing towards Orion on a cold frosty and clear night. I can’t believe the colours and I haven’t altered them in Photoshop – honest!
I think all the non star trails are aircaft but I shall try again tomorrow when the Geminids are at their peak. Let’s hope for a clear night!

Lunar Eclipse

March 4, 2007

The Lunar Eclipse of 3rd March 2007, taken in Henley-on-Thames, UK

moon eclipse

This is a composite of several images taken using a 75-300mm canon lens, tripod and cable release. Still rather grainy and noisy images and very difficult to get the focus right. The preview on the Canon 350D is hopeless for being able to see if it is sharp and even the exposure is difficult to see on the small screen.